Deiondre Porter: Signed to Florida on Feb. 5, 2014

Rating: ESPN 3*/Rivals 3*

Player Info

Position: A

Height: 6'1''
Weight: 170

Hometown: Tampa, Fla.

High school: Jefferson

Class: 2014

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Player History

Colleges considering:
Florida, UCF, South Florida, Miami

Verbally Committed to:

  • Florida on Jan. 20, 2014

Recruiting Report


Twitter: @DtrackstaP

Officially visited UF on Jan. 17


Senior season: Threw for 3,199 yards and 33 touchdowns, and rushed for 1,499 yards and 20 scores.


Winner of the 2013 Guy Toph award, given each year since 1939 to Hillsborough County’s top football player

Big County Preps 2013 Player of the Year

Ranked the No. 53 athlete by 247Sports